Unvaccinated Pregnant Women at risk?


According to the latest reports, unvaccinated pregnant women are prone to the risk of getting affected by Covid-19. The reports tell that they are most likely to get affected at the early stage of pregnancy, as it’s the phase where they are likely to have very little immunity. 

To the latest pregnancy studies, most of the unvaccinated women are likely to get affected by the covid because even the vaccinated people get affected, and enclosing the pregnant woman in the four walls can cause a huge mental pressure for the bay and the mother. 

There are other few reports which claim that pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers are at high risk if they take the vaccination as the risk mainly implies for the safety of the babies and because of that half of the population come under this category stays unvaccinated. 

There are other sets of people in this category who is willing to take the vaccination regarding it as a safety and the studies have also proven that it doesn’t enable any risk to the babies or the mother and there are vaccinated pregnant woman and breastfeeding mothers with words they taken from their doctors. 

It is better to get vaccinated that staying unvaccinated as it is a major risk for the pregnant woman because their immunity count is comparatively low when they are expecting and vaccination can save them from being affected by the covid to an extent or further not lead them to serious infection if they get affected. 

Covid-19 is mainly getting affected by people who have less immunity, Pregnant women, disabled people, and people who haven’t taken their vaccination and the government implies that everyone must take vaccinations as it is the only prevention against the spread of the virus. 

As the situation is getting worse as the states are witnessing the third wave of the Covid-19 the number of cases and the test positivity rate scares people and vaccination is the only mode of prevention from the spread.

The state and the government ensure that most of the population gets vaccinated and ensure safety. The state and government have also started vaccination for the children group between the age of 15-17.

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