Vaccination drive for children in schools; Kerala


As we all know, all the states and countries have started the vaccination drive for children between the age group of 15-18 from the first week of January 2022, the Kerala government decided to start the vaccination drive in schools. 

According to the last meeting held by the health department, the health minister Veena George and education and labor minister VSivankutty decided to put forward the order to start the vaccination drive for children in schools

At first, it was decided by the Chief Minister to conduct vaccination campaigns in schools thus making the process run much faster, but since the situation is getting worsened they decided to conduct the vaccination drive in schools but partition it into clusters. 

The government issued the order for the officers to check upon the respective schools and talk with the principal of the school and seek their permission to start the vaccination drives in the schools also to check on the facilities to conduct it.

The guidelines have been issued by the government to start the vaccination drive in schools. Children who fall in the age group between 15 and 17 must be given the vaccine and the vaccine must be Covaxin only.

The vaccination must be given to the children with the consent of the parents and after the vaccination, the children must be kept in observation for a while to rectify any issues. Also, the school compounds must be cleaned and sanitized for the same. 

The vaccination drive will start on Wednesday and the schools will be selected which can hold up to 500 beneficiaries. The schools must be selected according to the facilities of ensuring a waiting area, the vaccination drive area, and the observation area.

There must also be two ways for the entry as well as the exit, as stated by the health department. The whole of the process will be conducted by following the Covid-19 protocols issues by the government. 

The respected schools must make a list of the students who are vaccinated and yet to get vaccinated and make sure they let the parents know about the same and take consent from them for the vaccination of the child. 

The vaccination team will not exceed more than a medical officer, vaccinator, nurser, and school staff. The vaccination for the children will be allotted at a particular time, dividing the groups and the vaccination centers into clusters thus maintaining the social distancing. 

The temperature will be checked at the entrance and regular sanitizing will be ensured for the children who come to take the vaccination. The bystanders are supposed to wait outside and the space will be allocated for them in the schools. 

If any children are not well, they will be excluded from taking the vaccination. The schools must also ensure an ambulance with oxygen cylinders as a precaution. All the necessary guidelines have been issued by the government for the vaccination drive.

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