Children vaccination opened in schools; Delhi


Despite the number of covid cases which is rising in our nation and mainly in states like Delhi, Bangalore, Maharashtra, Kerala, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh the state and the government have also initiated the vaccination for children.

The vaccination between the age group from 15-18 has started by the first week of January in all of the states in India ensuring the safety of the children as the variant is mainly affecting the children group.

The government decided to shut down the schools and start the vaccination drive and ensure that the children take at least the first dose of vaccination and reopen the offline classes ensuring their half safety in health.

According to the latest reports, the state, Delhi has started temporary vaccination centers in the schools which have operational health clinics to fasten the vaccination process thus enabling the group to cover the first dose of vaccination.

The vaccination started on January 3, 2022, and according to the latest data almost a major part of the children group have registered for taking the vaccine and they are also getting the shot.

The government also added that the school principal cooperated with the decision the DoE made by enabling space in their respected schools to initiate the completion of the vaccination process and ensure the children’s safety.

As per the decision made, the jurisdiction set up the government officers to visit the respective schools that are setting up the vaccination drives and check up their operational health service clinics and make sure whether a certain number of students can take vaccination in a go. 

The government also asked them to ensure with the principals of the respective colleges to take the count in the number of students who got vaccinated and who are about to get vaccinated from the school and make their list and enable them to come and take the shot.

The process is much easier and it covers up the huge number of students within a short time span making their health safe and in the means of record, it will be easy to take the vaccination data according to the school list. 

The school authority can directly make a contact with the respective children’s parents and make the data with regard to those who are vaccinated and not and quicken the process. The school heads will have to increase circulation of the same with the authority of every child.

Since the number of cases is increasing high in these states, Delhi has come up with the move to quicken the vaccination process of children thereby keeping it in the respective schools and making the whole procedure easy.

The government has also initiated the school to follow the protocols put forward by the government during the vaccination drive to wear masks, sanitize frequently, check the temperature, and maintain social distancing. 

If any child has any symptoms of the variant, they must be excluded from taking the vaccination. 

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