Restaurants, bars shut from January 11; Delhi


The number of covid cases is rising rapidly per day in Delhi and it was the first state to implement restrictions amid the Omicron surge and the state is tightening the revised rules and regulations.

Later the rule was 50% of the people are allowed for the dine-in facility in restaurants and at bars but since the cases are rising rapidly the government decided to shut it down from January 11, 2022.

Take-away and home deliveries are allowed.

The government after the latest meeting held by The Delhi Disaster Management Authority decided not to impose a complete lockdown in the state as the economy cant handle it, so they decided to tighten the restrictions and lower down the cases.

Shutting down the dine-in facility in restaurants and bars as well as enabling 100% seating capacity in buses and metros are the main rules they implemented to control the third wave of the covid. 

People who use the public transport of Delhi must have a fully vaccinated certificate as well as adhere to the rules implemented by the government to control covid in the state.

After the DDMA meeting held last day, the Delhi government also decided to implement lockdown only on zones which has a number of covid cases for a short time, as they found it more helpful than implementing a complete lockdown. 

The government also put forward the surveillance of police in the state to look after the people are cooperating with the government to lower down the cases by wearing masks, social distancing and frequently sanitizing.

According to the latest report, the state hasn’t shown any new cases in Omicron for the last two days but the covid cases have crossed over 22,751 with 17 deaths with a test positivity rate scaling up to 23.53% with a recovery of 1 lakh people.

The government has also started the vaccination for children from January first week and they are aiming to cover the first dose vaccination as soon as possible and implement the offline classes. 

The government has also started the third dose of vaccination for health and frontline workers during the spike of the third wave from Monday.

Closing down the eateries and restaurants was the main move by the government to stop the overcrowding which is a great factor for the spread. 

Even though the Omicron Variant is mild the number of covid cases is rising very high day by day and that led the government to implement rules considering the safety of the people.

The government is bridging into action the revised rules earlier in order to prevent the situation from getting worsened as well as the government doesn’t have adequate funds and resources to raise up for the same. 

The government also asks the public to cooperate with them for the same and help in bringing down the cases in the state without going into a complete lockdown. 

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