Government warns as test positivity rate scales high; Omicron


As we all know, our nation is witnessing the spike of the third wave of Covid, the omicron surge, the government is pressurized to initiate restrictions and make the public follow the rules to control the number of cases that are arising due to the situation.

The government warns the public to see the test positivity rate that is scaling high for the past few days and tells that Omicron cannot be treated as a mild cold.

Even the symptoms of Omicron are mild especially for fully vaccinated people, it cannot be treated as mild since the covid cases are rising all over the states. The government expresses its anxiety over the situation. 

The state that is leading in the spike in the number of cases and test positivity rate includes Delhi, Bangalore, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh Gujarat, Kerala, and the governments has already initiated the revised rules and regulations to be followed to control the situation.

Delhi, Bangalore, Maharashtra has closed down the schools and colleges taking into regard the safety of the children as the surge is mainly affecting the children category. They also have put forward night curfews, weekend curfew and closed down restaurants and bars. 

Delhi as a move to control the covid surge came up with a full seating capacity facility in metro and buses, where only fully vaccinated people can use the means. 

The states which are emerging in the number of covid cases have imposed the rules and regulations in the state and at the government at the same time tells a lockdown is not possible as the economy will be in ruin.

An instant rise in the test positivity rate can be seen now when compared to the records of the December test positivity rates. On 12th January 2022, the test positivity rate has been climbed to 11.05% when in December the rate was below 7%.

After the first week of January 2022, the covid cases have been rising rapidly making the cases reach a number of 3.16 million worldwide. 

This spike of the variant is mainly affecting the health system of the country bringing it into a collapse as per the reports. The health workers, frontline workers are taking leave seeing the resume imposed on their category. 

The only way to control the situation is to get vaccinated if you haven’t taken the shot yet. If you are vaccinated also there will be chances you get affected with this variant but the chance of it getting worsened ar very low.

The Indian government asks the people of the states who are in the frontline in the highest number of covid cases to follow the rules and restrictions and get vaccinated in the earliest if they haven’t done it.

The vaccination drive for children between the age group from 15-18 has also started in most of the states from January first, thus ensuring the safety of the children. 

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