No person can be forcefully vaccinated: Centre


According to the latest reports, the Centre has informed the Supreme Court that it is the public interest of a person whether to get vaccinated or not. As per the current situation, the only method of prevention is getting vaccinated but still, it remains a personal choice. 

As we all know the state and the countries are havocing with the spread of the Covid-19 third wave, the Omicron the only weapon to fight against it is to get vaccinated, but still, some people remain unvaccinated due to their personal choice. 

The guidelines are issued by the Union Health Ministry to not force any individual to take the Covid-19 vaccination. People shall take the vaccination only because of their personal choice and responsibility. 

The consent of the individual is the priority in this case.

The supreme court persists all the government and the state to complete the vaccination, ensuring the safety of the people. They have also started the vaccination for the children age group. 

To ensure the safety of the people they make sure the vaccination is a complete success and compels the people to take the vaccination, who haven’t taken it to ensure their lives safety.

The supreme court has issued compulsory vaccinations that must be taken by disabled people and people who have low immunity, as they are the one who gets infected mainly and vaccination is the only prevention. 

A person knows the importance of getting vaccinated in this scenario as the awareness is mainly passed through all the social media platforms daily remind them about the depth of the situation as well as vaccination. 

But still, no people will be vaccinated forcefully or without consent. The people know the importance of the vaccination and what will be the harms if one doesn’t get vaccinated and what will be the merits one getting vaccinated, as the Centre stated. 

The Centre also stated that carrying the vaccination certificate is not mandatory. 

From a general point of view and looking after the safety of the people the government requests all the people to get vaccinated and be safe from getting affected by Covid-19. 

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