UST Global: Strategic investment in US-based Tastry


UST Global announced strategic funding into Tastry, a sensory sciences company that uses superior chemistry, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to match customers to products they may love. UST Global and Tastry will bring this revolutionary technology to clients to assist them to perceive shopper preferences. 

UST Global is a multinational provider of Digital technology and transformation, IT services and solutions, specializes in Healthcare, Retail & Consumer Goods, Banking & Financial Services, Telecom, Media & Technology, Insurance, Transportation & Logistics, and Manufacturing & Utilities. The company offers a host of services in areas like Digital, Consulting, Managed Innovation, Human-Centered Design, Advanced Analytics, Algorithms, Cyber Security, Engineering Services, Embedded Engineering Product development, Tech build services, etc. 

Tastry has correctly taught a computer the manner to flavour. The company has unleashed the barrier from direct-to-consumer selling by its sought-after era that analyses products chemically to determine what flavours are present, even in tenuous forms.

Sunil Kanchi, chief investment officer, UST Global, stated that Tastry is a real recreation-changer completely innovating the way flavour and flavour-based products are sold and matching products to humans. They provide a unique, modern cutting way that guides choice based on recommendations that align with specific character tastes. Converting the way choices are made expands the opportunities for direct-to-consumer selling, a brand new manner of thinking, and ultimately changes the customer experience.

The cutting edge technology introduced by Tastry suits the favoured flavours and combinations with its chemical analysis of products and rapidly identifies the flavours determined in them. 

Retailers use patent-pending technology to optimize product blend, which increases sales, margins, and store loyalty. The technology serves manufacturers and shops by providing technology-based recommendations for product improvement, inventory purchases, and direct-to-consumer recommendation.  

With a differentiated capability to fit customers to sensory-based products with an excessive degree of efficacy, Tastry can also reverse the method to provide producers with a chemistry ‘fingerprint’, in its entirety, for products that cater to an individual or a mixture of human beings. 

Katerina Axelsson, CEO, and founder of Tastry, stated that having UST Global as a strategic investor and partner will expand the company’s reach and permits to provide unique offerings to outlets looking for a true competitive advantage. It could also leverage sensory science and artificial intelligence to enhance every aspect of a store’s sales. 


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