Vanish UK’s “Generation Rewear” docuseries foregrounds sustainable fashion


Vanish, the garment care brand from Reckitt has partnered with the British Fashion Council to release “Generation Rewear” an Amazon docuseries to fight excessive consumerism and shine a bright light on sustainable fashion in the United Kingdom.

To debut the launch of its latest endeavour, on February 22, 2021, Vanish released “Rewear Edit,” a fashion shoot for London Fashion Week, created entirely from discarded clothing to raise awareness of the environmental impact of textile waste. The fashion shoot which took place against a backdrop of 3.5 tonnes of clothing waste, was creatively curated by stylist and sustainability advocate Miranda Almond.

Every year 350,000 tonnes of clothing are thrown away and sent to landfill in the UK. A study commissioned by Vanish shows that on average clothing is worn only ten times before disposal. The study displayed the throwaway attitude towards fashion, with almost a third of the respondents admitting that they dispose of clothes when they are bored of them, rather than because they’ve worn out. The brand’s new take on sustainable fashion sees this textile waste as a chance to reimagine and restyle, to make completely new outfits.

Through the launch of “Rewear Edit”, Vanish believes to make a change and “make old the new new.” “We want to encourage the nation to look at their wardrobe in a new light”, said, Cigdem Kurtulus, Chief Marketing & Digital Officer for RB UK and Ireland.

Through the three-part documentary series, “Generation Rewear,” Vanish together with the British Fashion Council celebrates the innovative designers tackling this environmental crisis. The voiceover and narration for the docuseries are done by Clare Press, Vogue’s first sustainability editor.

The pilot for “Generation Rewear” titled “The Designers” released on April 27, 2021, runs across Amazon properties. The docuseries are conceptualized and created by multinational advertising and public relations company, Havas London. In parallel, the direction is done by Richard Bullock from Hungary Man Productions.

Caroline Rush, Chief Executive, British Fashion Council, commented on the launch of “Rewear Edit” by saying, “At this year’s London Fashion Week, our partnership with Vanish is here to remind people of the joy of restyling and reimagining their wardrobes.”

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