Varchas Whiskey

Varchas Whiskey
Varchas Whiskey

Varchas, a masterpiece crafted by Shankar Distilleries, drawing upon a distinguished heritage in whiskey and spirit distillation in the US. This extraordinary whiskey is a true embodiment of elegance and heritage, artfully blending time-honored tradition with the finest craftsmanship in the world of whiskey-making. The distillation process seamlessly marries age-old techniques with contemporary innovations, culminating in a product that exudes uniqueness and distinction. Each bottle is meticulously crafted by our master distillers, ensuring that every sip encapsulates the essence of generations of expertise.

Availability – 

Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra (launching in other cities by end of this year)

Price Points – 

In Karnataka 

VARCHAS Straight BOURBON: 9635/-

Varchas Straight Rye: 9902/-

In Goa 

Varchas Straight Bourbon: 8500/-

Varchas Straight Rye: 8500/-

In Maharashtra 

Varchas Straight Bourbon: 12000/-

Varchas Straight Rye: 12000/-


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