Versatile fashion brand Hancock makes 35 Cr GMV with zero investments in 8 years

Versatile fashion brand Hancock makes 35 Cr GMV with zero investments in 8 years
Versatile fashion brand Hancock makes 35 Cr GMV with zero investments in 8 years

September 2023:

Hancock, the versatile men’s and women’s wear brand, has achieved an extraordinary milestone by generating a staggering INR 35 crores in Gross Merchandise Value – GMV (ARR) over the past 8 years, all without any initial investments or venture funding. The brand’s ongoing dedication to excellence and innovation in the fashion business is demonstrated by this achievement.

With its commitment to natural fibers and skin-friendly materials, Hancock stands out from its competitors. They have carved a niche in the fashion industry with the largest collection of women’s shirts. In spite of zero investments at the outset, Hancock’s success demonstrates their unique business model, dedication, and fabric suppliers’ and factories’ essential credit terms.

Having established a strong presence on e-commerce channels (,, and others)  and their own website (, Hancock has garnered the trust and appreciation of customers. Now, the brand is gearing up for its next chapter by exploring opportunities to open offline stores in premium malls and prominent high streets as well as partner with multi brand offline retailers. Hancock’s extensive range of formal and casual attire offers a wide variety of fabrics, fits, colors, and designs, appealing to fashion enthusiasts seeking both style and comfort. The brand’s garments are meticulously designed to elevate the wearer’s fashion quotient while ensuring comfort and a modern, stylish appearance.

Mr. Yash Singhal, Founder, Hancock expressed his gratitude, stating, “I personally believe if we have good product knowledge, if we are hardworking and if we are behaving ethically with all stakeholders, then the entire ecosystem helps you to grow in business and society at large. This ethos has been central to Hancock’s approach since its inception.”

Catering to accomplished, refined, and versatile professionals, Hancock positions itself as the go-to brand for both lifestyle and corporate wear. Whether it’s for formal gatherings, casual outings, or party nights, Hancock’s clothing exudes sophistication and flair, making it suitable for every occasion.


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