‘Vi’, the new brand identity for Vodafone and Idea


Vodafone Idea unveiled a replacement combined brand identity. This included a fresh name for Vodafone Idea, a spanking new logo that represents the approaching together of the two companies, and a current advertisement by Ogilvy to make clear how the new name would be pronounced.

“Vodafone and Idea have merged as an entity in 2 years ago. We then integrating massive networks, our customers, and today I’m excited to present Vi, a brand to deliver vital intending to the lives of our customers.” Ravinder Takkar, MD & CEO, Vodafone Idea Ltd said.

The name ‘Vi’ is much greater than a short form of Vodafone and Idea. it’s shorter, simpler, and at the identical time as referencing the origins of the 2 brands, it also reflects the collective nature of Indian society. The ‘i’ is commonly punctuated with a bold mustard dot to reflect the innovative pulse of India.

Preeti Vyas, founder, and chairwoman of Vyas Giannetti Creative, an integrated layout consultancy, opines that the mixing of logo identities was a long term coming, but wishes that the new logo identity had been introduced to the consumers at the time of the merger itself. Talking about the graphic values of the logo unveiled yesterday, Vyas says that she sees the logo equity of Idea represented in the Logo, however, she isn’t certain how people will translate the V as Vodafone. She calls it a missed possibility for Vodafone to assert its brand values.

Vodafone Idea’s board has accepted fundraising of up to Rs 25,000 crore, that’s critical for this debt-laden company to chop back debt and pay the extra burden of AGR dues as per the Supreme Court verdict. the company believes a single-brand method will reduce the worth of keeping brands and additionally improve operational efficiency. The new logo and name are a chance for the brand to create or build a spanking new story that the brand owners want to.

The company has additionally revealed a ‘Happy Surprises’ program that rewards people with everyday prizes for spotting the new brand in the Vi app. Additionally, mobile customers can create and download their personal customized Vi Tune via the Vi app or MyVi.in.


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