Virat Kohli’s brand and the T20 captaincy


After days of speculation and suspicions surrounding Virat Kohli’s intention to step down as captain of the white-ball squad, the skipper turned to social media on Thursday evening to announce that he will no longer be the leader of the T20 team after the World Cup. However, he will continue to captain the team in one-day and test forms.

“I believe his choice to step down as captain of the T20 squad will have a significant positive influence on his brand value, up to 50%,” says Samsika Marketing Consultant MD Jagdeep Kapoor. I say this because Virat Kohli’s previous brand was all around aggression. However, his latest statement makes him appear to be a more mature team player.”

Kohli’s outstanding performance as a player, he continues, distinguishes him from any previous skipper the Indian men’s cricket team has ever had. “Since his U-19 days, he’s had a terrific track record as a player. He’s made a lot of records and will hopefully continue to do so in the future. He is also the captain of both the one-day and test formats. As a result, this action will have solely a positive impact on his brand value.”

“Of doubt, being a leader adds to one’s profile,” says Tyche Media Co-founder Pawan Bagga, “but Virat Kohli has first established himself as a terrific player clearly in line with the game’s legends.” Most of his records for batting are right up there with the best, and that gives him a legacy that he is building on regardless of whether he is a captain or not. We’ve had a number of captains in the past, but none have got the track record and consistency that Virat has, even with his recent form.

Kohli’s personality has more sides than being the captain of one of the most successful cricket teams in the world and a renowned player, which will keep him relevant among brands even if he quits the captaincy of other formats as well.

“Virat Kohli has been the finest batsman in modern-day cricket,” says Vavo Digital CEO and Founder Neha Puri. He has proven his worth with his superb batting skills and captaincy. His popularity with brands, on the other hand, is a result of his careful investments in startups that have grown to be successful under his banner. He is still important today because of his consistent promotion of fitness, healthy diet, and his fashion sense. Virat Kohli’s brand has invested in a number of well-known businesses over his career. He owns a stake in the well-known clothing label WROGN thanks to his exceptional fashion sense.

Virat Kohli’s brand will remain strong and relevant until someone else in the group takes centre stage and becomes as essential in terms of performance and leadership as he is. But Virat Kohli’s future is entirely dependent on the state of his game in the future and how long he can continue to do so while maintaining his fitness and performance.”

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