Vodafone Idea acquires spectrum, aims to increase network capacity and boost 4G coverage


Vodafone Idea Ltd on Tuesday announced that to boost 4G coverage and increase capacity spectrum is acquired by the company in five circles, this will enable the company to offer a superior digital experience to its customers.

After the spectrum auctions came to an end on Tuesday the company said that the opportunity post the merger of both Vodafone and Idea to optimize spectrum holding will create efficiencies in few circles.

 With the Telecom industry preparing for the 5G introduction, VIL expects that a large quantity of spectrum in international brands will be available for telecom operators for a better price.

VIL entered the auction with the most amount of spectrum with a small fraction which was used for GSM services awaiting renewal.

The newly acquired spectrum in five circles by VIL who is India’s third-largest operator will enable them to deliver a superior digital experience to users by the enhanced 4G coverage and capacity.

According to VIL, the Indian telecom segment will be in a suitable position to drive the Digital India agenda as there is the availability of the required spectrum and the presence of numerous market players.  Overall the Indian telecom industry has shifted from an age of spectrum scarcity to surplus.

The spectrum auctions consisted of a total of 2308.80 MHz spectrums worth Rs 4 lakh crore spread across seven brands. The auctions ended on Tuesday (the second day).

The first saw bids worth Rs 77146 crore placed by Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel, and VIL.

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