Voltas releases India’s first dishwasher ad, shot in lockdown


Housework is what most of them have done during the Coronavirus pandemic. It includes the chore that was previously largely relegated to maids dishwashing. Voltbek Home Appliances Private Limited, a JV between the Indian AC brand Voltas and European durables company Arcelik, has launched a contemporary digital video commercial (DVC). Its intention is to showcase a contemporary range of dishwashers, and so the way they are going to be used during lockdown.

The video, conceptualised by Wunderman Thompson, showcases another reality of lockdown — a bunch of friends on a video call, husbands, ranting about their professional workload and housework.

Technology helped produce this film and convey it together while still being under lockdown. It had been shot on the actors’ own phones, with the director calling the shots over a video call.

Jayant Balan, SVP and CEO, Voltas Beko, says that because of the lockdown in several parts of the country, there are some obvious logistical and social distancing restrictions. It meant that the video had to be shot individually at every actor’s house with extreme guidance from the director bringing this whole to fruition.

Balan explains that due to COVID-19 restrictions, there has been additional burden of domestic chores, and it put many pressure on families, especially when most members are busy working from home and managing additional responsibilities. “The pandemic forced the planet to remain home. So, during this ad, we focused on our target market — the urban Indian mom.” 

Balan says that the insight relies on the particular undeniable fact that young mothers rely on other young mothers for advice about everything. “During lockdown and unlock restrictions thereafter, these conversations are happening over video calls. Hence, the necessity to possess authenticity dictated the format and duration of the film.”

He also explains that while there’s an increasing focus ongoing digital, touch and feel will still be a significant give some thought to decision-making when it involves durables. “The offline experience will stay. Our retailers and organised trade partners are already operational, although during a limited manner,” Balan says, while talking about the marketing challenges of the lockdown.

For customers who are still unsure of visiting the stores, Balan claims that they need sufficient product information, feature specifications, within the kind of product demo videos, etc, on the website and digital platforms. “We have also made this information accessible to our audience through our media partners. You’ll also see us digitally enabling the after-sales service initiatives through online content,” he says.

“We have witnessed a giant spike in demand for both our table-top, and full-size dishwashers within the last two months. Variety of the features, a bit like the dirt sensor, aqua intense and corner intense technology, can effectively wash heavily soiled utensils, catering to the cooking and food habits of the Indian consumers,” noted while speaking about the campaign, Prasenjit Basu, marketing head, Voltas Beko.

The film is currently running in YouTube, Instagram and Facebook have of Voltas Beko.


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