#WalkForGood: A campaign launched by VKC Walkaroo during the Lockdown


VKC Walkaroo launched #WalkForGood targeting fitness enthusiasts, where the brand will donate a pair of shoes for every 2500 steps you take daily to the frontline workers during this unprecedented pandemic situation.

Walkaroo, a vogue footwear brand from of VKC group, went live with a social media campaign in Instagram namely #WalkForGood that promises to provide a pair of shoes to the frontline workers who are the heroes of our time those of whom are helping out the society during the COVID-19 pandemic for every 2,500 daily steps we take. 

The overall objective of the campaign was to give something back to those of whom who are risking their lives on the frontline for the betterment of the society. The campaign also promotes fitness-at-home which eases both mental and physical strain during the lockdown. 

This initiative was launched by a Mumbai based production house called Griffin Pictures with an interesting video namely ‘Kadam’, shot amidst the lockdown.

It is found in many recent studies that consumers prefer brands that are more engaged in CSR activities and provide to the immediate needs of society. Consumers also find brands that spread positive messages or advise consumers on how to keep COVID-19 away.

The #WalkForGood campaign mainly focused on fitness enthusiasts to upload their step-count via any tracker app or fitness band by tagging the brand’s social handles. Influencer marketing were the two most impactive pillars of the campaign that drove in the most number of entries. The campaign was escalated by actress and celebrity influencer Shraddha Das and fitness influencers Bharath Raj and Ragini Chandran. The social media posts steered the users to take on a workout like squats, jumping jacks, dance, treasure Hunt, Bollywood dance routine, Yoga, rumba, and skipping.

Sudhanshu Bhandari the assistant marketing manager of TCL quoted that “If you want to stand out in the market, you have to sell yourself in ways that interest consumers. He also added that health consciousness ads are gaining importance among Indians today. Besides, no other consumer durable player has taken a stand on health.


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