Walmart and Tastemade come hand in hand to boost shoppable videos


Walmart American multinational company start boosting shoppable videos with Tastemade cooking show. Walmart targets to attain market attention by creating cooking videos. The company comes up with a different kind of marketing strategy to compete in the new normal era. Walmart and media companies give the idea to the viewers about what they can prepare at home during the holidays. “Struggle Meals” a special episode by Tastemade’s had given chances to add suggested ingredients to a virtual Walmart shopping cart and can place the order for pickup or for delivery, according to a press release mailed to the mobile marketer.

The program conducted by Walmart has hosted by chef Frankie Celenza, “Struggle Meals” aims to make the viewers teach how to meals on time and how can we make it without wasting much time. This gives more importance to the pandemic protocol, which avoids gatherings and making food that is much healthier than hotel foods. 

Walmart and Tastemade have come hand in hand on shoppable streaming content that could be easily converted to paying customers by making the customers immediately responding to the programming in such a way that the viewers can post messages tied to a virtual shopping cart. Tastemade has customized the “Struggle Meal” episode to address the issue that has been faced by many people in order to prepare their holiday meals. 

The shoppable contents open another direct sales channel for Walmart as many consumers are avoiding physical stores and are engaged in smartphone for the new way of smart purchase of products, these all happened due to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic. The discount chain of Walmart has seen surging e-commerce sales this year. Walmart has gained 7.3% from a year earlier that far outpaced a 5.2% lift in revenue to $134.7 billion.

For Tastemade the collaboration with Walmart on shoppable content is a sign of how it can be more transactional as a brand and the customers have pushed by the retailers for the further down sales funnel. The online platform has been experiencing customized programming by different brands to advance their marketing goals. Walmart announced its September plan to revamp its supercenter locations to focus more on a “digital enabled shopping experience”.


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