Want to buy a second-hand car? Renault Occasions leads the way


Renault Occasions launched its ‘Renew’ campaign to promote the resale of second-hand vehicles. Over the years, the market for second-hand cars has continued to develop. Renault Occasions has been refurbishing cars since 1959, which is way before this trend even became fashionable. Renault has led the way in the second-hand car resale segment.

The recent trends during the COVID-19 pandemic also show an observable shift in buying patterns, with customers preferring second-hand cars over brand new cars. Renault has decided to further promote this trend through a new platform and by launching a new campaign titled ‘Renew’.

Renault has been refurbishing, overhauling and reselling second-hand cars, since 1959. As a brand that’s been in this segment for over 60 years, Renault considers second-hand cars as a real ecological commitment and not a fashion phenomenon.

Subsequently, the company has transformed the Flins Renault Factory into a ‘Refactory’ to offer a new life to Renault second-hand cars. The ‘Renew’ campaign reaffirms the Group’s pioneering spirit and strategic commitment to guarantee customers only the best in used cars for the future.

The ‘Renew’ campaign is designed with a multifaceted approach to cover TV, press and other OTT platforms.

Renault collaborated with Publicis Conseil, a French multinational advertising and public relations company to produce the TV film for the ‘Renew’ campaign. The film that’s directed by Martin Werner, takes the audience back in time to the 1960s when Renault initially began to venture into the second-hand vehicle market.

The TV film released to promote the campaign is set with the backdrop of Paris in the 1960s. It features a young couple strolling through the streets of Paris, enter a Renault Occasions dealership. The salesman invites them inside to visit the refurbishing workshop. That’s when their attention falls on a used Renault Megane that looks brand new.

The couple decides to buy the car. The film continues with the woman taking the wheel, and the couple leaving the showroom with their second-hand car. The modern car leaves the passers-by curious and awestruck.

The TV film is set to the track of “Les Demoiselles de Rochefort” composed by Michel Legrand in 1967.

Speaking about the campaign, Arnaud Belloni, Renault Brand Global Chief Marketing Officer, said that Renault Occasions, “ensure that our second-hand vehicles give you the same emotions as a new vehicle. And that’s new!”.

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