Weave Workforce Announces the Launch of its Innovative Workforce Optimization Website


Weave Workforce is a technology company that applying artificial intelligence to coordinate employee schedules to the fluctuating demand of service businesses. They attain this with intelligent forecasting, staffing, and scheduling engine that integrates a company’s internal data with external signals and human intuition to permit simultaneous improvements in productivity and customer satisfaction.

Weave Workforce is an RXA Studio company that is a leading applied artificial intelligence and data science company founded in 2016. Weave Workforce declares the launch of its new website to further support its mission, helping service businesses address the continuous challenges of aligning employee schedules with changing demand.

The fluctuating, unpredictable demand for a service business makes it hard to find the right balance of staffing. Weave Workforce resolves this with an intelligent demand forecasting and staffing recommendation engine, consequently improving employee utilization and reducing operating costs. The artificial intelligence organize engine weaves together company-internal data with external factors and human insights to reduce the occurring challenge of matching labor supply to demand.

User access to an innovative Business Impact Calculator tool, based on the Weave Workforce optimization model is a key feature of this new website. The lite version of the tool can be managed via sliders straight on the website and besides, a more detailed, fully customizable version is available through email. The new website also enables prospective customers to simply schedule a complimentary product introduction with a Weave Workforce team member called Discovery Session.

John Larsen, CEO of Weave Workforce stated that with the huge impact workforce optimization has had on our existing customer base, they are thrilled to share their product’s optimization advantages with others and they hope that the website will issue a clear picture to service businesses of how the optimization software can extremely improve their business results.

Weave Workforce firstly serves clients in the Healthcare, Automotive Repair & Maintenance, Hospitality, and Retail industries, but is skilled to apply its proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm to any service-oriented business. Interested users should take benefit of the complimentary Discovery Session to get a thorough understanding of the operational benefits that can be attained through workforce optimization with Weave Workforce.


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