Google updates the AR “Live view” in Maps


Google always comes with an exciting update for its humongous users. It tries to enhance the customer experience by all means. With the help of technology, Google is bolstering its applications quite fascinating. Augmented Reality feature is not a novel term and Google uses this technology for many of its applications. Now Google has announced few updates in its Google Map with the help of Augmented Reality.

The Live View feature in the Google map has been enhanced with the augmented reality walking directions. To experience this amazing feature one needs to turn on a phone camera and GPS. It will guide you in the directions which you are looking for. It will exactly tell you where to go. Till now Google maps is guiding us only with the walking directions. But this updated version has the ability to invoke Live View from the transit tab in Google Maps when you are traveling.

When you are lost in a new place or disoriented at the exit of a subway station, the new featured Live View will become the life savior. Google maps have added features like identifying landmarks around the users thus enhancing inn guiding directions. Most importantly trying to portray the clear view of the place you are looking for. Listing some of the places where the landmarks are planned to be included such as Istanbul, Paris, Rome, San Francisco, Dubai. Barcelona, Berlin, Madrid, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Sydney, and some more to add on.

Another exciting feature about the Live view is that one can use Live view simultaneously with Google Maps Location sharing feature. We are all familiar with the location sharing feature by Google. It provides the exact location of the person who is sharing. Due to the combinational feature now one can able to see the live view of the person who is sharing the location and get appropriate directions as well.

A major issue one faces in the current version with respect to pin locations. When you search for a location the pin does not fix at the exact pint sometimes it hovers high or turns off. To overcomes, this issue of machine learning and better typographical maps are to be used to pin the place at an exact point. Google has assured it will work on these aspects to bring out the better version for the customers.


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