What is the exclusive marketing strategy of EaseMyTrip?


EaseMyTrip, one of the leading travel companies in India, is famous for providing the best travel deals to its customers. As its name suggests, EaseMyTrip makes your trip easeful and hassle-free.

EaseMyTrip becomes a trusted destination that offers cost-effective prices to book tickets, holiday packages, flight tickets, bus tickets, etc.

COVID-19 pandemic gave a big blow to several industries. The travel and tourism industry had received huge losses. The significance of the travel industry went into oblivion.

Even when, COVID-19 lockdown rules were strictly executed, EaseMyTrip showed its presence by updating the customers with travel restrictions, COVID protocols, etc.

EaseMyTrip combined technological innovations to keep in touch with travelers. They implemented a WhatsApp chatbot for customer booking.

The company also provided services like seat and meal booking, cancellation. These facilities proved to be customer-friendly. During the post-COVID period, EaseMyTrip comes with many cost-effective travel features.

A prominent feature of EaseMyTrip is its ‘flexible cancellation policy.’ According to the company’s report, the most searched option by customers while booking flights is the cancellation policy. Those people who have opted for the refund policy option include almost 65-75%.

Some of the hallmark services that transform EaseMyTrip as India’s second online travel platform are the honest and transparent efforts offered by the company. This feature includes hassle-free booking and zero convenience fees.

Another quality is their effort to strengthen operational efficiency with the cooperation of efficient infrastructure and basis cutting–edge technology.

The next feature that relieves the stress of the traveler’s journey is the active use of in-flight branding space in SpiceJet. These are vital touchpoints for travelers.

The company also makes arrangements for providing discounted bus tickets to travelers who are a part of waitlisted train tickets.

EaseMyTrip offers ‘weekend getaway packages.’ It includes a hassle-free experience for the customers by providing those services like cab transfers.

EaseMyTrip has recently launched the feature of ‘full refund’. The full refund medical policy is free of charge. It enables customers to avail a complete refund on domestic flight tickets due to medical emergencies.

EaseMyTrip declared its acquisition of Traviate, a B2B travel marketplace, and expanded its services to countries like the Philippines, Thailand, and the US.

Prashant Pitti, the co-founder of EaseMyTrip, commented that the focus on ROI market spending is crucial for the company. They use digital platforms, print, and outdoor media to gain the maximum interest of the customers.

Recently, on November 18, 2021, EaseMyTrip announced that it acquired ‘Spree Hospitality‘ to increase its revenue and to develop its hotel and holiday portfolios.

A leading presence in the air travel mode, EaseMyTrip is trying to expand its non-travel business like hotels, buses, trains, etc.

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