Choosing the best add-on insurance covers for ensuring car safety


Festivals bring joy because individuals get together with their extended family to enjoy the holidays. People also tend to spend more and prefer to drive their cars versus taking public transportation to have a better time.

What car safety precautions can you take during the festive season, given that people travel more often during festivals?

Visiting relatives and friends throughout the holiday season necessitates the use of a vehicle. During the festive season, one must exercise greater caution while driving because the roads are often congested and people are always in a hurry. 

Even a minor blunder can result in a serious accident. That is why it is critical to implement car safety measures, the most significant of which is the use of car seatbelts to mitigate the effects of an accident. 

You should always have a portable fire extinguisher and a first-aid kit in your car while driving over the holiday season. Keep your car windows closed while parking or driving, and park in a covered place if possible. 

You must not drink and drive, but you really should start driving cautiously. As a result, by following simple precautions, you can secure the safety of your vehicle while also enjoying the excitement that festivals bring.

Even if you drive defensively, there is no guarantee that you will not be involved in an accident. As a result, you must have adequate auto insurance coverage. 

You may simply avoid denials of claims on your motor insurance if you have the correct set of auto insurance add-on covers.

Standard coverage and exclusions are included in a basic comprehensive vehicle insurance policy. Insurance firms have developed a variety of add-on plans to cover the exclusions over time. 

To avoid refusals due to exclusions, today’s informed customer can purchase coverage such as Nil Depreciation which pays a policyholder the full replacement cost of a claim without deducting for depreciation due to car’s age, cover for items such as filters/engine oils, tire covers, engine protection cover, and so on.

Customers can also cover financial risks such as EMI loss while auto repairs, no-claim bonus protection, personal accident, and accidental hospitalization, among others. Add-on covers are more expensive since they give additional coverage for an insured vehicle. 

Car insurance add-ons entice policyholders with enticing perks. However, you must determine which add-on will be most beneficial to you.

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