What’s growing fastest in Artificial Intelligence?


Artificial Intelligence is seen in the social network you chat on, the word processor you write with, the engine you search with, and the camera you take pictures with. Artificial Intelligence bets are being placed by Fortune 50.

Almost the majority of them require training data. According to Wendy Gonzalez, the president and CEO of Samasource reported in a recent TechFirst podcast, machines need to learn how to speak, see, and hear at the end of the day.  How to speak, see, and hear like a human is tried to be learned by them. Training data are created by the Samasource.

The training data are the ones that are labeled, structured data that teaches a machine or a computer how to do these things. It is done for a quarter of the Fortune 50 along with top global tech giants like Google and Microsoft.

Nvidia is a company that makes AI chips that power much of the world’s artificial intelligence. Like Walmart and GE are customers so as is Nvidia.  Automotive giants like Volkswagen and Ford are also the customers. It is vital for multiple fields and training ranges from as simple as this shape is a car to this is a Mini handbag.

The hottest areas that Samasource is getting training data requests for include AR/VR (augmented reality and virtual reality), Healthcare, Biometrics (facial recognition), Automation, E-commerce (object recognition of shirts, shoes, furniture, anything that can be detected), Delivery (autonomous robots), and Transportation (self-driving cars, trains, planes).

As per Gonzalez, a lot of growth in AR/VR is visible.  From faces, shirts, shoes, furniture to everything could be included. In e-commerce, a lot of really interesting growth is also seen. They provide a lot of things to describe as visual search on how to look up something and detect whether it’s a plaid shirt for instance.

Delivery robots also need to know a lot of things such as about the sidewalk, how to identify animals and pets, and so on. Autonomous vehicles need to know how to recognize a parking space, an upside-down car that might have been involved in an accident. Along with all of it in various moderate to extreme weather conditions.

Edge cases are a challenge for most AI training data. Samasource believe that an incredible amount that can be done in the healthcare and life sciences as they see a lot in healthcare. 


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