WhatsApp remain relevant for individuals and businesses


During the epidemic, WhatsApp’s year-end assessment of 2021 captures major highlights of how the private messaging service became one of the most trustworthy ways for millions of people to keep connected when the physical distance was the norm.

The following are some notable moments:

The WhatsApp Business Platform’s reaction to Covid, which includes collaborations with Indian governments and civic organizations to provide WhatsApp chatbots and helplines for citizens to get accurate Covid-related information and crucial resources.

Even during the pandemic, WhatsApp Business App-enabled tiny and micro companies to create a digital storefront, allowing them to scale economic activity and better serve their clients.

Throughout the year, thoughtful product changes have been made, reinforcing WhatsApp’s goal of providing a smooth, safe, and dependable user experience.

Using the potential of ‘Payments on WhatsApp’ to help scale financial solutions for all segments of society to expedite the development of a financially inclusive and digitally empowered society.

During the outbreak, WhatsApp became one of the most widely used and trusted platforms for people to communicate with family and friends, as well as for users to interact with businesses,” said Abhijit Bose, WhatsApp’s Head of India.

We’re thrilled and grateful that during the pandemic’s most trying periods, we were able to help India by developing unique helpline solutions in collaboration with the federal and state governments, as well as civic actors, to provide Covid relief-related solutions that citizens could rely on.”

“Providing small businesses with tools through the free WhatsApp Business App-enabled them to build digital storefronts to better serve their customers,” he stated. Payments on WhatsApp, we believe, can help NPCI and RBI achieve their common goal of increasing UPI use and promoting financial inclusion for the underserved.”

WhatsApp will continue to contribute to the development of creative solutions that enable digital access, socioeconomic growth, financial inclusion, and digital empowerment to assist in the resolution of some of the world’s most difficult,”.

WhatsApp has been the chosen method for individuals to discover credible information, seek and receive help, and stay connected since the beginning of the pandemic.

WhatsApp’s clout rose in 2021, as national and state governments used the WhatsApp Business platform to communicate with residents, promote vaccines across the country, and strengthen governance and public engagement.

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