‘Wheels Of Change’ ad campaign by Apollo Tyres takes on honkers in traffic


The new ‘Wheels Of Change’ ad campaign by Apollo Tyres takes on honkers in traffic. The ad film equates the incessant honking on the roads with hitting the calling bell at someone’s home ceaselessly. The role of warning an individual is played by both the calling bell and the car horn. But visitors generally keep the etiquette of not pressing it too many times in the case of the bell, so that it does not irritate the person inside. The film poses a relevant query as to whether, when using the calling bell, drivers do not uphold the same etiquette they obey.

The campaign has been initiated with the ‘Road Safety Month’ road safety campaign by the Government of India in mind. The annual program typically runs as ‘Road Safety Week’ for a week and is celebrated annually from 11 to 17 January. It’s targeted at making India’s highways and streets cleaner. The government spreads information during the one-week observance about how to prevent accidents and injuries while on the road.

Police forces working with street safety typically make residents aware of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 and the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill of 2019 during Road Safety Week. This is achieved by numerous workshops, seminars, programs, and meetings. Officials also use posters and pamphlets to promote awareness of government-set traffic laws and regulations.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRT&H) agreed this year to extend the week-long initiative to a month-long ‘National Month for Road Safety’ to be observed from 18 January to 17 February. During this time, in association with the state governments/UT administrations, OEMs, and other stakeholders, numerous nation-wide activities were scheduled to be carried out across the region.

The ad film closes with, “We don’t do this at home. Why do it on the road?”

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