When a tyre marketer sells masks! The story of CEAT


Here’s a talk with chief marketing officer CEAT Tyres, Amit Tolani, on coping with the current times.

As far as brands are concerned these pandemic times have led to unprecedented developments. There is a hand wash manufacturer Lifebuoy, which is insisting on the use of ‘any’ handwash in a commercial for its product. Then, alcohol brand Diageo used its plants to provide sanitisers. Riding on the current wave, tyre manufacture CEAT has now entered personal protective equipment (PPE) business.

Cavi Elettrici e Affini Torino, commonly known by the abbreviation CEAT, introduced GoSafe S95 face mask as a neighborhood of its newly launched sub-brand ‘CEAT GoSafe’ Earlier, this month.

* CEAT’s GoSafe S95 masks accompany six-layer filter protection

* These anti-pollution S95 masks are often washed and reused up to 30 times

* Priced at Rs.249, the new masks are going to be sold on several online stores

The tyre maker said within the release, “CEAT Tyres has introduced the GoSafe S95 mask to assist India stay safe. With this, the company has made a raid on the PPE business in line with its commitment to safety.”

The Mumbai-headquartered brand’s CMO Amit Tolani told afaqs! That the launch of the GoSafe range may be a part of CEAT’s commitment towards its motto — Safety First. The target of foraying into the business of PPE, he says, “is to plug the paucity of safe and reliable products, like masks, especially when the country is battling the Coronavirus threat.”

CEAT’s GoSafe S95 masks accompany six-layer filter protection, and it Can be often washed and reused up to 30 times. Priced at Rs.249, The masks are available across CEAT Shoppes (exclusive branded stores), and on leading e-commerce websites, like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Seniority, and much more.

The innermost layer is formed of soft antibacterial fabric. Subsequent three layers provide microbe protection, and contain small particle filters for added safety. The adjustable nose clip makes them splash/droplet resistant and breathable, ensuring comfort and safety.

The masks are designed for everybody – be it bikers, children, housewives and even the elderly. It comes in a very multi-utility cloth bag, which may be used to store your mask, or personal devices.

Tolani shares that the brand will soon introduce more products under the CEAT GoSafe range, and expand the prevailing mask range to play an energetic part during this battle against COVID-19 pandemic within the times to come.

Tolani tells that the brand plans to do extensive communication on digital media for It’s existing products and therefore, the upcoming launches. There’ll be a targeted campaign in Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms to get interest. “The endeavour is to move closer to the consumer. Digital help in doing that, and plays a key role in sustaining the connection between the brands and therefore, the consumers.”

Brand will keep adapting its communication plan basis, the customer response, and products range.


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