When Botmind IDE takes charge onto Botmind


Today, Bot minds, a preacher in Enterprise’s Intelligent Automation, unveiled Bot minds IDE to get business-critical insights into the complex unstructured documents.

Here, Organizing the scattered documents in an enterprise is one-click magic by Bot minds.  

Firstly, document-centric processes run fastly, now AI-powered document exploration is becoming an uber-quick step than the previous.

Bot minds IDE goes an extra mile to the unstructured documents just like structured data with customizable search parameters relevant to your organization.  Bot minds IDE delivers value to the industry and facilitates the users to get started immediately. 

Also, it’s a great accelerator for organizations that wants to create custom Bot minds. 

Using IDE, you can bring all the unstructured documents into one place by NLP models. It facilitates the creation of a surface that is critical insights from unstructured documents.

Bot minds IDE neatly packages all feature values, now   AI on your enterprise use those documents immediately. 

World’s first unified unstructured document processing platform with IDP and IPA components, Bot minds changes the way into intensive and document-centric processes and automation is executed in enterprises. 

Bot minds is a 30+ member team chasing the research happening in the intersection of deep learning & NLP and enabling some of the leading organizations in India and the USA. 

Platform enables governance and keeping managers to standardize tender risk analysis and anti-money laundering processes, allows research and analysis to automate data extraction, and facilitate investment decisions. 

Every month’s subscription, it’s available and is extended via an online inquiry form. It’s the Process automation software designed to help document-centric process workflows.

Teams using Bot minds force base models from large datasets and from the solution measure the quality of performance from granular levels.

Revamping main screens makes the single goal simple and intuitive for the knowledge workers. It’s the procedure. A lot of decluttering has been done and it’s still a work in progress. You should see a marked improvement and productivity with lighter UX.

Then support private cloud deployment and on-prem deployment. 

OCR + Bot minds are the simplest way to continuously improve the models that power the OCR engine with AI. It learns to fix words based on your domain, natively along with Bot minds subscription. Booted Bot minds

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