Brief about Pen Testing, Ethical hacking


Not to be confused about the vulnerability assessment to identify weaknesses to the system’s features and data, as well as strengths.

Penetration tests or ethical hacking that are performed to solve this, that evaluate the security of the system. Penetration system identifies these target systems, then reviewed the available information and undertakes to attain that goal.

Test target is a white box or a black box and the Grey box penetration test is the combination of these two where limited knowledge of the target is shared with the auditor.   

Security issues excavated should be reported to the system owner. Penetration test reports suggest counter measures to reduce that risk. The method for gaining assurance in the security of IT system by attempting to breach some or all of that system’s security, using the same tools as an adversary might. 

Penetration tests components are full of security audits. Several frameworks and methodologies prevail for conducting tests. Flaw hypothesis methodology, a systems analysis tool where a list of flaws in a software system is compiled through analysis.

Above flaws are prioritized based on the estimated probability and exploiting it. The resulted list was used to direct the actual testing. 

Pen testing has five phases: 

Reconnaissance : Gathers information and be used to better attack the target

Scanning : By technical tools knows the attacker’s knowledge of the system. 

Gaining access : By the data gathered from the previous processes, attackers use a payload to exploit the targeted system. 

Maintaining access : Target environment to gather data as much as possible. 

Covering tracks : Attacker must clear any type of data gathered to remain anonymous. Once a detractor exploited vulnerability, they access other machines too so the process repeats. 

Generally, Linux is recommended for pen testing because of Linux’s stability, support, and scalability. Arch Linux is used, just as with Debian or Ubuntu.

A package manager is different from Debian-based distros like Ubuntu. Job-seekers usually transition into pen testing after earning a four-year bachelor’s degree and obtaining 1-4 years of IT experience.

Pen testing tools are used to automate certain tasks, improve testing efficiency and discover issues that might be difficult to find using manual analysis techniques alone. Two common tools are static analysis tools and dynamic analysis tools.

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