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Digital, Analytics, Technology, and Automation (DATA) Initiative is a  hub of research, developing and sharing new knowledge, and approaches for transforming organizations into data-driven businesses and helping them to manage seamless transitions.

From advancing research to transmitting knowledge, each activity advances the latest perspectives. Through keeping alongside trends across industries and disciplines, DATA aims to be the top-of-mind resource for Northeastern partners who seek to be at the forefront of a world being changed through technology and data. 

From practicals, Advances in machine learning solved these problems, although new technologies promise new challenges. As digital transformation affects the vast economy, consumers’ altered expectations and behaviors put further strain on traditional firms in the market. 

 To the 3 stages for digital transformation; digitizationdigitalization, and digital transformation, besides business transformation, the need for accompanying metrics is also highlighted.

In an increasingly digital world, documenting the transformation strategies has never been more pertinent. The goal was to help business owners by looking at trending successful businesses in a given state.  

Any project can flop when you don’t build the right infrastructure to sustain it. Always need to improve data pipelines and other engineering infrastructures such as databases and algorithmic complexity.

Keeping a product stale without any update is a sign of its depreciation.

Business understanding is essential. When you need data science to solve problems build efficient algorithms, and use the right tools for an accurate solution. Especially, software or an API  needs to serve the results quickly and efficiently. 

CDOs in organizations felt that they were underperforming in optimizing data assets. So, if you are from a mid-sized company you can’t afford to hire  CDOs.

 Many organizations associate the concept of being data-driven with artificial intelligence and advanced analytics which provides business intelligence reporting. 

Companies are firstly exploring the data reports then listening to their existing data.  Move up the analytics maturity curve to get data to be more valuable.

Organizations firstly understand where they sit in terms of analytics maturity to navigate ideas on how to become effectively data-driven.

Becoming data-driven in this age is not a slam dunk.  Even CDOs are not only empowered to make and implement data strategies but also to afford company techniques.

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