Why all Self Driving Cars are Electric?


Virtually all car manufacturers have announced Small shipping plans for the plug-in hybrid Or electric vehicles. Environmental goals, sales, promotion, and new regulations all play a role In inspiring these projects. The market for such products remains Not tried. The cost of production remains Pride and high customer demand It may not be effective.

Despite rumours that there are some obstacles to this project, the fact remains that autonomous cars are not currently operating commercially. But the detailed plan of this project represents the future of electric vehicles, autonomous technology for shared transportation. It lays the foundation for an important principle for the autonomous automotive industry, i.e. autonomous cars must be electric.

Robert Grant, senior vice president of cruise government affairs and social impact, said in an interview, “We will not be able to convert autonomous vehicles into electric vehicles in fifteen years. We must now be fully electrified. He described the project as “the center of our urgent action”.

Within the company, all vehicles will no longer be electric. GM, the majority owner of the cruise and automotive partner, will design all of its electric driverless cars, including The Origin, for carpooling.

Not only Cruise but also Google’s self-driving vehicle company Waymo uses fully electric cars for its ships. Last year Google launched Waymo Phoenix, a public robotic taxi service.

Lyft and Uber are popular options for taxi services in major parts of the world. Over the next decade, some of their man-driver taxi service networks are poised to turn into electric vehicles. Although both companies have invested in autonomous car technology in recent years, Uber sold its autonomous car division last year.

“We presented a challenge to the rest of the industry,” says Robert Grant. What is this challenge? Emerging taxi and robotaxi services are demanding to go to electricity from the start.

Cruise is not the only one highlighting this change. California Senator Dave Minh introduces the SB500, and all autonomous vehicles must be zero-emission vehicles by 2025. It’s not fair. The bill is supported by the Union of Conceived Scientists and will affect not only autonomous taxi services but also autonomous transportation and delivery services.

Why is electricity so important?

It is clear that electric cars are the solution to the environmental impact of traditional gasoline and diesel cars. But this is not the only advantage. Unlike traditional vehicles with 25% efficient internal combustion engines, electric cars are 75% more efficient at converting input energy into kinetic energy.

In an area where millions of people drive cars, electric vehicles can reduce air pollution by reducing carbon emissions.

As electric cars become a means of transportation for the public and autonomous carmakers, the growing demand for reliable sources of energy for the car will translate into the growth of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. It will also solve the problem of fluctuating fuel prices.

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