Why succession planning is important for businesses?


No one lasts forever. But often, we forget this. Companies that lack proper succession planning, can suffer tremendously in the future. Leaders and owners can become unavailable due to any reasons. No one knows what the future is holding. And that is why succession planning is an important task that needs to be done as early as possible.

What is succession planning?

“Succession planning is a strategy for passing on leadership roles—often the ownership of a company—to an employee or group of employees.”

It is also known as “Replacement Planning.”

Succession planning needs to be evaluated periodically as the business grows.

An emergency succession plan can also be developed. In case of emergency, if a leader or owner is not available, the selected successor can ensure the proper running of a business and can act as a leader.

Leadership skills and business skills are important skills to look for in future leaders.

Types of succession planning:

Big corporate companies do succession plans. When planning for it, both internal and external replacements should be considered. If an internal employee is selected then proper training is required to be given. Firstly, businesses should try to find internal replacements, because in that way loyal employees can be paid off for their loyalty Employees can feel higher job satisfaction due to that. Middle-level employees can be developed for higher positions.

Small companies and family business owners also do succession planning. They mainly focus on training the next generation to take over.


Succession plan not only affects the board of directors and other employees but also shareholders. If shareholders feel that any incompetent person is chosen as a successor, they may lose their faith in the company.

In the absence of proper succession planning, chaos will take place. quality of the decisions can be affected. Employees will feel dissatisfied and may leave an organization. In short, it can lead to the discontinuation of business in the long run.


It helps in developing future leaders by training and developing their skills.

It increases employees’ morale as internal succession acts as a motivator for employees.

It can decrease the attrition rate as employees are included in succession planning.

It ensures employees share vision and mission with that of a company.

Proper functioning of business is guaranteed by it.


If you have a business, then you need to do succession planning as soon as possible. For that, you first have to check whether your preferred successor wants to take over the business or not especially in family-owned businesses. Succession planning requires a proper evaluation of a person’s skills and values. Please remember, the Will of a person is important as skill can also be developed by proper training.

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