Case Study: How company culture can be boosted by emerging tech


Many companies are currently completely remote, meaning more days filled with meetings that are virtual and remotely working from home offices. The world witnessed a lot of trends and digital advancements inclining in the last year, but how can it be improved on virtual experiences, now that they are permanent? Lack of tactile connections immensely affects company culture because is this truly connecting?

That lack of not feeling connected and infinite hours of online meetings can lead to high rates of fatigue and tiredness. But, some companies are tackling this. For instance, Topia is a platform that enables community connection in a virtual arena. It is an app that fuses exploration of a completely customizable virtual atmosphere with video interactions at the center.

Topia provides an authentic, fun online community experience with spatial-based video conversation, unlike other social media platforms leverage. They enable you to socialize with more people online than ever anywhere at any time, with anyone. It permits you to get along with others for virtual events, inclusive of festivals and holidays.

Daniel Liebeskind, the founder who started this company in April of 2020, at the starting of the pandemic, has a close history of leveraging technology to employ better relationships with loved ones, even from somewhere far away. He powered more than 30 different apps for various companies spanning a range of categories before he founded Topia. All of these platforms concentrated on socialization and connections.

Tools like Topia are state-of-the-art technology, collaborating with emerging platforms to find solutions to real-world problems. Liebeskind and his team molded a virtual world, enabling attendees to explore various spaces. Many attendees commented that it was the most “human” connection they have had since the start of the pandemic.

At the moment, Topia has more than 10,000 users per day and the numbers keep increasing. The world needs more friendliness and creativity, where most of us will be on the other side working remotely for the unprecedented future. Many of us have thought of businesses as separate from human resources or company culture. Not anymore. Virtual online meetings can now be more personal and tactile than ever. Using spatial technology, the general mass can feel like they are truly present with their friends, encouraging socialization and human connection.

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