Brand values to record level; Thanks to economic optimism


According to Kantaur BrandZTM, the world’s most reputable brands have experienced record growth with a complete worth of $7.1 trillion. This waste increase is driven by the confidence derived from vaccine availability, economic stimulus packages, and improving GDP outlooks: Amazon and Apple are the 2 brands at the highest position.   

Amazon had first entered the list of BrandZ ranking in 2006 has maintained its position as the world’s most valuable brand, growing 64% to US$684bn. Amazon’s value increased by almost $268bn this year and has become the primary half-a-trillion-dollar brand, joined by Apple, valued at $612bn. Tesla is the fastest growing brand and has become the foremost valuable car brand, increasing its value by 275% yearly to $42.6bn. Five brands over doubled their brand values: Pinduoduo, Meituan, Moutai, and TikTok from China.   

Even though the hit by Covid 19 2020-21 has been a record year for brand growth, and despite many facing a challenging year, research has again proven that solid brands deliver superior shareholder returns. Moreover, they are resilient, which helps them recover more quickly.    

With global e-commerce growing from twelve to fifteen percent of all sales in 2020, it’s been a positive year for brands involved in that value chain – from the retailers through to the couriers like FedEx and UPS. However, we’ve also seen growth in industries where many were predicting challenges early within the pandemic. As an example, apparel brands have collectively grown even more than media and entertainment brands within the ranking, and luxury brands have refocused their energies and see growth as a result despite reduced travel and lockdowns globally.    

As consumers spent more extended time at home during the lockdown, the Kantar BrandZ Top 10 Media and Entertainment Brands experienced impressive growth (+50%). For the first time, The technologies behind gaming, chip providers Nvidia and AMD, entered the ranking. As more of the globe turned to online shopping during the pandemic, the Top 20 retailers grew their brand value by a combined 48%. Beyond Amazon’s success, Chinese e-commerce brands showed strong growth; Alibaba, #7 globally, consolidated its position as the second most valuable retail brand. Pinduoduo was the fastest-growing retail brand. The e-commerce giants aren’t the sole winners: The Home Depot saw 22% value growth because of online sales growth of 86%1, while Walmart grew its value by 30% and Lowe’s 51%.   

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