Why the Panchamrit launch now? – Amul’s strategy


“Janmashtami is a month away and it is all set for the celebration”.  Are we not eager to hear like this? Janmashtami celebrations are not over without Panchamrit prasad distribution by the temple, it is usually served after puja. But, in this ongoing global pandemic coronavirus, the congregation and distribution of sweets are not allowed as a precaution against it.

Let’s see how Panchamrit is made. It consists of five elements, milk (which is not processed), jaggery, and most importantly some water with which idol is washed every day is mixed into it. Panchamrit is incomplete without this water. The priests will not believe in its holiness. It’s a prasad, therefore it is not about the taste, but it is about the belief. Panchamrit is not usually given in all temples all the time. It is found in the temples of Vishnu avatars, Ram or Krishna, and not in Shiv temples. Distribution of Panchamrit occurs on several other occasions also, but during Janmashtami, it is a must prasad.

Recently, Amul added a food item to its product portfolio. The new product is called Amul Panchamrit.

 Panchamrit cannot be consumed like other sweets.  It is almost like a modak. It is speculated that it could be the reason why Amul is banking on a B2B business model than a B2C and that is why it has small sachets packets for the temples to distribute it to devotees.

Therefore, the question is, will the temple accepts the packaged branded food products? Temples nowadays give out packed prasad which are made in the temple premises or vicinity under the supervision of temple authority. They don’t give out products made by a third party.  Another question could be, will the temple authority show the willingness to buy the product? Then, there occurs the question of mixing holy idol water. How it could be done? Panchamrit is complete only when it is mixed with the idol water. Then, it is not a cakewalk for Amul. But in this current situation, it is a good opportunity and a new market for Amul.

With Janmashtami a month away and in a most complicated situation, temples may not have any other alternatives than the packaged food, branded Panchamrit to get the devotees in. Therefore, in the current situation, it is a great opportunity for Amul for acceptance of the Amul Panchamrit. 


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