Will AI become a threat to Data Privacy?


Companies, private enterprises, states, and staff are finding innovative strategies to stay productive in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic in a situation where National lockdowns, stay-at-home instructions, border controls, and other virus security initiatives have rendered the workplace environment extremely complicated. The business firms, on one hand, are relying heavily on artificial intelligence (AI) development approaches and evidence to design job processes that can perform efficiently, at the same time, Government authorities and law enforcement departments depend on contact-tracking systems to safeguard public health while fighting the deadly virus.
Several officials also used facial recognition systems to recognize and trace individuals who are commuting from the severely infected country. The police throughout Spain have placed in motion technologies to enforce stay-at-home instructions for the clever usage of drones for monitoring and distributing vital details to the public. At Hong Kong airports, citizens travelling from various parts of the world are forced to wear surveillance bracelets that monitor their quarantine days and warn the relevant authorities once they exit their homes. Likewise, a security firm in the United States has developed AI-enabled thermal cameras capable of detecting fever.
These data-driven strategies, when misused, can pose human rights concerns or raise concerns over people’s confidence in their government. Hence, it can be employed only with great caution and only use it with caution and under careful monitoring.
Ensuring the Cautious use of AI:
Data Ethics Practices: Businesses consider their data governance activities to set the groundwork for data protection and quality assurance. At this point in time, several companies are implementing modern data and development standards that help them work in the emerging market environment while safeguarding sensitive data for all stakeholders. Organizations that do not have a clear collection of rules are at danger of mishandling data and breaching privacy.
Organizations need to start developing consistent and straightforward rules for the usage of data to help create a trustworthy image among staff, corporate associates, consumers, and other stakeholders. As AI and data are being used abundantly, the implementation of ethical standards and careful implementation is important. When policies are created without defining all the results of AI-based approaches, there would be a difference between experience and the policies. Therefore, before incorporating AI in the business framework or project solution, current policies review and incorporating appropriate policy on the usage and impact of AI and data is important.
Precaution and Safety: Governments and corporations gathering data from COVID-19 in order to control the distribution must ensure that the same data is not exploited for other purposes. It should be for public safety reasons only, and organizations should incorporate it as a standard AI policy in their policies.
Investing in both AI and technology applications will not be the right option to react to the pandemic. Alternatively, businesses tend to make informed choices on purchasing and applying exact strategies and gathering the evidence they need. The technical implementations of AI are persuasive, but businesses do not seek to incorporate them at the expense of usability and reliability.
Similarly, businesses will offer preference to programs with long-term effects rather than those with short-term gains. A systematic approach to incorporating innovative AI-based development technologies will help fully grasp data security and privacy issues. Finally, there should be stronger adoption and greater consistency and clarification on the ethical usage of AI and technology around the enterprise.
AI is a strong tool that can redefine our society, overturn authoritarian regimes and, at the same time, allow the planet to cope with the pandemic. It has been much more necessary than ever to realize how dangerous AI can be when used irresponsibly. Therefore, in order to ensure the fair and ethical usage of technology and AI, we must first ensure the efficient and careful use of AI and then take the initiative to implement it.


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