Will Artificial Intelligence aide HR in decision making?


The Human Resource department will also witness the influence of Artificial Intelligence. HR experts understand the importance of an optimized combination of the human mind and machine learning for a seamless workflow and intuitive work environment. AI can also help businesses understand their target market and promote result-oriented strategies.

AI is the capability of machines to imitate human intelligence, where it allows machines to learn and adapt automatically based on the data analysis to provide more refined responses to the situations. AI systems with efficient computing technologies can make decisions in real-time based on pre-installed algorithms. An HR department containing the human element and AI can provide an enhanced experience for their candidates and employees.

According to an Everest Group report, Organizations that contain intelligent automation may experience a return on investment of more than 200%, but that doesn’t mean organizations can automatically expect a reduction in headcount. Artificial intelligence and intelligent automation will make human resources more efficient. According to a Hackett Group report, HR in businesses that leverage automation technology can do more with fewer resources. The utilization of artificial intelligence and intelligent automation are hallmarks of a distinguished organization in which these organisations have cost 20% cheaper than non-digital organizations and give required services with 31% fewer employees.

Human resources professionals are gaining some benefit in using artificial intelligence and intelligent automation to perform functions such as searching through resumes for keywords and assisting with other recruiting functions. Artificial intelligence and intelligent automation will likely continue to hold a presence in human resources. Automation will assist organizations to make a more substantial investment in talent. Employers who successfully adopt artificial intelligence and intelligent automation will develop technology teams in-house and rely less on external vendors. They’ll also poach artificial intelligence talent from competitor companies and upskill current employees to be on the front lines of the automation journey. Artificial intelligence is here to stay and it is getting more pervasive, especially in human resources and employee benefits.

The most noticeable use of AI in HR is visible in the talent acquisition processes from screening candidates, maintaining databases, scheduling interviews, and answering queries of job seekers. It overcomes manpower spent on mundane tasks.

AI-integrated systems can also help in the orientation and training of employees in their respective domains. AI can identify stress in a person’s behaviour and tone of voice, which will help the employers choose if they should look into the matter and resolve it before it is harmful to the employees and the company.


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