Will Honda Amaze conquer the customer’s heart?


The promising launch of the sedan class car on April 11, Honda Amaze is inching closer and it brings in both excitement and rivalry. The Honda fans are gearing up to celebrate the launch while there is a rival rapaciously watching the ongoing activities of Honda, and the rival is none other than Maruti Swift Dzire. The hot-seller Swift Dzire is getting a ‘Swift’ rival in the form of Honda Amaze and it is time to wait and watch who will capture the customer’s heart.

The pre-launch reviews show a number of similarities between the two cars. Honda, although a late entrant in the diesel car segment, is now trying to capitalize on fuel efficiency by designing its most fuel-efficient car Honda Amaze. Honda, the Japanese major had stayed away from the diesel car market and paid the price for its stubbornness with its dwindling shares for the past two years.

Honda is now trying to take advantage of the mileage crazy customers of India to make fortunes smile at it. The car is powered with the revolutionary i-DTEC technology and is capable of running 26 km- for every litre of diesel. It is Maruti which at present holds the Indian market strongly with its range of fuel-efficient cars and Honda Amaze is all set to become a strong rival to these cars.

The second factor that will decide the car’s fate in India is the price. If pricing is done well, Honda Amaze can clinch heavy sales. The first diesel car from Honda is specially designed on “Earth Dreams Technology”. The Honda car is expected to set foot in the Indian market with a price tag of Rs. 6 lakh to Rs. 8.5lakh while Swift Dzire is priced at 5.9 lakh to 7.5 lakh. Honda will launch the diesel and petrol variant of the car in April.

The interiors of both the cars are spacious and designed with elegance. The cars are fuel efficient and stand out for quality. The Verdict- choosing between the two would become a tough job with the launch of Honda Amaze. The premium badge Honda Sedan is sure to get some heads turn, but when it comes to maintenance, and price we really need to see if it would be Maruti who will be the clear winner.