Will ITR filing deadline for FY 2021-22 be extended? What tax experts say


On the income tax e-filing website, the ITR filing for the assessment year 2022–23 (AY23) is currently available. For FY 2021-2022, the ITR filing date is July 31. However, it has been noted that many taxpayers put off filing their ITRs until the very last minute. Some taxpayers have even speculated that the government may once again extend the deadline this year, as it did the previous two years.

The ITR filing dates and other income tax-related deadlines have been repeatedly delayed over the past two years due to the coronavirus pandemic and bugs with the recently created income tax system. The income tax department tweeted on July 2, 2022, that Infosys, a software provider, is taking “proactive efforts” to address the “irregular traffic” on the platform.

As reported by @Infosys, they have noted some irregular traffic on the portal for which preventative actions are being taken. Some users may be inconvenienced, which is regrettable, the I-T department tweeted. “It has been noticed that taxpayers are having difficulties using ITD e-filing platform.

Is there a possibility that the ITR filing deadline may be delayed again this year? What tax professionals think about this

the MD of SAG Infotech, Amit Gupta The income tax department voiced concern over erratic traffic on their portal, which has caused the website to lag, in a recent tweet. This perhaps indicates that the tax agency intends to extend the ITR filing date. Although it is terrible that a new website still cannot handle traffic even after more than a year since it was released, this may have been due to more assessors trying to file ITRs early. This year, ITR Forms and Utilities were made available far in advance, thus an extension may not be required. If the portal becomes unresponsive and taxpayers are unable to complete the required filings, CBDT may need to extend the deadline in order to enable compliance. The effects of an epidemic are still being recovered from by the country. The ITR filing deadline for FY 20-21 was most recently extended till March 15, 2022. Men in business make a lot of effort to balance work and compliances. Professionals are likewise having trouble adhering to deadlines that never end. According to data released by the Income Tax Department, 99.20 lakh ITRs were submitted in the first week of July 2022, compared to a projected 7.5 crore ITR submissions until the end of the month. It appears extremely unlikely that around 6.5 crore ITRs will be filed within 21 days given this scenario. The income tax portal is also frequently plagued by technological issues, as the government itself acknowledged in a tweet.

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