Windward and Vortexa collaborates for better maritime cargo flow and management of risk factors


Windward, the predictive Maritime Intelligence Company makes the use of AI concept in the transformation of global maritime operations along with Vortexa which is an energy analytics company that uses AI as well as deep industry expertise to predict the most real-time view of crude oil, refined products as well as LPG and LNG flows. They both joined hands with each other to focus their betterment on greater visibility into compliance as well as risk management factors instead of trading as well as drafting activities.

Windward’s vessel risk assessment capabilities supported its AI-driven predictive Intelligence solution enriching Vortexa’ s analytics platform. Its real-time and detailed global cargo level information and advanced ship to ship tracking data will bolster its Predictive Maritime Intelligence solution. As given the international regulatory as well as sanctions landscape data exchange to minimize cargo flow, as well as minimization of risk factors, is more important.

More emphasis should be given to mitigating the risk to drafters, shipping companies as well as the major stakeholders in the global maritime ecosystem. To minimize physical trading as well as operational risk to avoid huge fines imposed as well as costlier delays.

Windward’ s AI-based risk matrix collaborates with Vortexa’ s platform at vessel level. Data collected through Vortexa’ s cargo will be useful in strengthening Windward’ s ability to measure risk vessel more accurately. It will also help in identification as well as mitigating risk factors of high stakes trading as well as drafting decisions.

According to Ami Daniel Collaboration with Vortexa proves to be a victorious strategy for maritime Intelligence as well as mitigation of risk. As both, the companies have highly specialized capabilities and data sharing will prove to be a great role in the transaction of business with confidence.

Their Partnership with Windward will foster physical trading as well as tanker drafting opportunities at Vortexa’s analytics platform to analyze with vascular risk factors by Windward. These unique combinations will boost the client to trade physically and with greater confidence. Hence these combinations of AI with data analysis technique is going to gain more popularity in the coming years.  


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