Winkl launches India’s largest influencer & creator search engine


Winkl, a Bengaluru-based, Indian influencer marketing platform has recently launched the country’s largest influencer and creator search engine– “Winkl search.” The search engine can easily discover influencers within seconds. This next-generation platform is set to revolutionize the way brands engage with influencers. The highlight being, the service is not based on a subscription model, but free for everyone. Winkl is highly optimistic about being a disruptor in the market.

The Winkl influencer & creator search engine platform helps brands and firms launch, manage and track influencer marketing campaigns. Through the launch of Winkl search, the company hopes to acquire at least 300-500 new brands. These new brands are expected to run anywhere between 2000-3000 campaigns in Winkl over the next 12 months.

Winkl search has been technically created being mindful of the requirements and specifications brands look for when they shortlist influencers. Winkl search’s real-time influencer metrics such as followers count, engagement rate makes it easier for campaign managers to work with the right influencers.

Winkl search was initially launched in a closed beta for the last 6 months. The search engine has already allowed the discovery of 5 million creators/ influencers by catering to over 100,000 searches, from 1000+ brands/ agency executives. Winkl search claims to have saved 35,000 hours for the users in the last 6 months.

The search engine platform is equipped with super cool tools that allow marketers to search for and filter creators by category, engagement, reach, niche, and even keywords. Filters can also be applied across various metrics to measure the authenticity of an influencer’s followers, the city they are based in, etc. By using Winkl search brands can easily shortlist influencers by viewing snapshots of some of the most recent content pieces from them.

Winkl founders Rahul Singh and Nikhil Kumar have released this new influencer and creator search engine to make the influencer marketing industry more transparent and standardized. By making influencers more accessible for brands, the options are no longer limited.

Rahul Singh, CEO and Co-founder, Winkl, said, “With the vision of bringing about a larger change in the overall industry in India and beyond, we are releasing Winkl search for free for anyone out there, who needs an influencer list.”

Using an improvised AI algorithm Winkl search has set a market price for each influencer on the platform. “This will greatly help brand marketers to set the right budgets for their marketing campaigns and avoid overpaying,” said, Nikhil Kumar, Co-founder and CTO at Winkl.

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