Robert De Niro declines an offer from Roger Federer


Switzerland has remained one of the world’s most adored tourist destinations. Meanwhile, for Robert De Niro, this Oscar-winning American legend has rejected his offer, for being a part of this tourism spot among the European nation. There’s no drama, no drama at all.

De Niro has stated to Roger Federer that tennis legend and the latest Switzerland tourism ambassador, over a video call. In this advertisement, we could see that the brainchild of Swiss agency Wirz BBDO attempts to do his best verbal volleys, to portray the best of Switzerland to De Niro. Switzerland is just too perfect and summarizes why we should visit the Alpine nation.

This year, Federer has become Switzerland’s official brand ambassador. ‘’I have always felt that, whenever I step on the court, I am ought to represent Switzerland. Whenever it says the ambassador’s name, there would be a Swiss flag next to it. He is very proud to do that for the first 22 years. Federer has been on tour and would be like that always. To bond with the forces of Switzerland is now a logical step for us.

Roger Federer is a good and grateful artist. He has even painted a picture of silent strength, extreme focus and had built a beautiful habit of making the hardest of shots like a child’s play. He’s a very kind, and down-to-earth chill person. And today is the Switzerland Tourism brand ambassador, and his character matches with the serene, graceful and gorgeous look of Switzerland.

This long-term partnership and their common objective are to invite the guest to Switzerland. This has been declared during these unprecedented times, as this traveling globally is strictly prohibited due to the corona novel. This partnership has endowed them with a golden opportunity and is very important to them. Making a difference while evolving from the troubles of past months, and beyond will bestow a journey with several highlights. Special regard and appreciation have been to the Oscar-winning American actor when De Niro spoke to Federer. De Niro in the conversation was entitled as Tom Hanks, and would be considered as one of the charming and nice people in the acting business. 

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