With “Thank You Dukandar” Khatabook pays tribute to small business owners


Khatabook is Bangalore based mobile app service. The mobile app that helps Kirana store owners and small shopkeepers in India to manage their books with means of a digital ledger is known as Khatabook. This app sends a reminder to its user WhatsApp reminders or SMS reminders when is to collect or due to be paid. Businesses can manage their credit actions on the app, where transactions are recorded and can be reviewed. The app provides support in regional languages.


 Recently Khatabook released a series of videos to salute the spirit of small business, grocers, merchants, and vendors who continue to serve the nation while India fights against Covid19. The small business continued its service to fulfill the needs of the Indian citizens. The Covid19 pandemic brought life to a standstill all over the world. The businesses were shut down, the productions where stopped, most of the companies introduced the work from a home model, the GDP rate decreased. India still continued to enjoy everyday luxuries all credits go to these unsung heroes. The campaign named ‘Thank You Dukandar’ includes a series of videos lauding the unparalleled efforts of local shop owners of India.

The video highlights the importance of uninterrupted services provided by small businesses, grocers, vendors, and merchants during the nationwide lockdown. During the pandemic nationwide lockdown, it was the small shop-owners, merchants, SMB’s and sellers who put themselves in the service of the entire nation, when all the big names were unable to deliver said Ved Prakash Yadav the vice president, marketing head of Khatabook.  These frontline workers were supplying everyday necessities to countless households of India, we are indebted to these workers. In the past three months, the number of transactions has increased by 2.5 times in essential categories, their resilience can be noticed from this. In the case of non-essentials, the last three to four weeks there is a recovery of 20-30 percent. This series of videos is a small attempt by Khatabook to express our heartless gratitude to these heroes. If these small businesses were shut, we could find it difficult to survive with the daily growing need.


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