Wow! Chicken : a new brand of Wow! Momo


The most valuable home-grown QSR chain in India Wow! Wow! Momo Foods owns and runs two of the country’s largest home-grown QSR businesses – Wow! and Momo!

China has announced the introduction of its third quick service restaurant (QSR) brand, Wow! Chicken provides consumers with the option to venture beyond the conventional taste with the latest fried and grilled speciality options.

Wow! it has over 425 locations in 19 major cities across the country. Wow! and Momo! In terms of fast food, China is now a household name. The company’s latest product intends to get into the Indian organised fried chicken business, which is expected to be worth INR 5,000 crore by 2025.

Wow! Chicken will serve fried chicken, grilled chicken, burgers or loaders, Paneer tikka grilled, Veg & Chicken SnackJacks or the smaller burgers, cheese coins, shammi kebabs, and a variety of biryani rice bowls.

Wow! Chicken’s first physical location opened on January 26th in Kolkata, and the company hopes to add over 50 locations in key cities across the country by the end of this year.

Our trip began with a visit to one of the competition’s locations, and we were horrified by the artificial flavours and MSG utilised! As a result, we began our mission to innovate at Wow! Chicken. In Wow! We promise to produce delicious meals! And our newest brand exemplifies that zeal and rigour.” Muralikrishnan, CMO of Wow! Momo Foods Pvt Ltd also contributed.

Wow! Momo has invested in a robust R&D team that has cracked unique flavour and diversity. “It all stems from the idea of OWNING A LARGER SHARE OF THE STOMACH, and we want to expand BRAND WOW! appeal’s and reach by scaling up and broadening our products!” said Sagar Daryani.

Wow! Momo intends to extend its repertoire beyond Momo’s, Desi Chinese, and Chicken shortly, primarily through acquisitions. The brand is in acquisition talks with a few major national companies.

Wow, last year! Momo Foods, headed by Tree Line Investment Management, raised over USD 15 million, making it the most valuable home-grown QSR chain worth over INR 1225 crores.

Wow! Momo’s also ventured into the FMCG industry, introducing ready-to-eat momos to make momos available to individuals at any time and from any location.

Big Basket, as well as other e-commerce channels and digital trade platforms, sells ready-to-eat momos.

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