Y&A Transformation launches Snippet Digital


Snippet Digital, a full-fledged digital marketing agency established on the principle that digital is technology first, mixed with creativity, media science, and brand thinking, was launched today by Y&A Transformation.

The business will be run under the Y&A umbrella, which will soon be expanding to include other specialisations. Tarun Mitra, a technological expert, Ram Gudipati, an experienced brand strategist, and S Yesudas, a media expert, make up Snippet’s executive board, which has a combined expertise of over 75 years.

The agency also wants to deliver executive education on Digital Business Leadership, with the goal of helping customers’ senior management get more out of their digital investments.

Tarun Mitra, an IIT Delhi alumnus, has extensive experience in technology business, online company growth, and marketing services. Ram Gudipati is an expert in customers, brands, and marketing communications. S Yesudas has a profound understanding of statistics, media sciences, and how consumers throughout the globe interact.

Both physical and internet media are consumed by demographics. All three have worked on a variety of brands at various times of their lives, producing work that has earned client trust as well as industry recognition.

“Most clients that I have spoken to are of the opinion that majority of digital firms do not bring the maturity to evaluate multiple perspectives and convey the same to clients through meaningful discussions,” stated S Yesudas, Co-founder. The focus of the conversation is on digital execution.

While Google has progressed from being a gatekeeper to becoming a destination in and of itself, most other companies have not. Traditional SEO tactics are still being used by agencies. The directory services/yellow pages own organically engaging with consumers searching for items and services near them.

This not only reduces discoverability, but also forces a client to pay for his own data, as these service companies hold the clients’ GMB. Our goal is to provide some gray-hair perspective to our clients’ investments and to help the digital natives in the team develop curiosity, pride, and purpose so that they begin exploring rather than just exploiting.” Snippet Digital’s Tarun Mitra adds to the discussion.

According to agency offerings, the digital future is changing right now, and the era of augmented creativity will soon replace the traditional approach of digital creative production. As a result, we are concentrating our efforts on developing a strong technological focus that will be balanced by human wisdom.

Our resources include creative professionals, storytellers, digital strategy experts, strategists, and implementation specialists, in addition to our investment in top-quality engineering personnel, the majority of whom come from IIT, Mumbai. We’ve already formed partnerships to provide programmatic solutions.

Mobile technology-enabled location-based services We will also use data science, AI, and predictive analytics capabilities, notwithstanding their infancy, to ensure that our clients’ investments do not end up in click-farms.”

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