YouTube Earns Accreditation from MRA for Protecting Advertisers


YouTube, the leading online video-sharing platform becomes the first digital platform to earn accreditation from the Media Rating Council (MRC) for protecting the advertisers from unsuitable videos. YouTube’s streaming video services effectively protect its advertisers from appearing on content accounted for inappropriate for paid ads. Through a blog post, the company mentioned that YouTube is committed to maintaining at least 99% surety in making ad placements brand safe. The company also added that it has also made investments in technology for analyzing videos as well as strengthened its staff of human moderators. YouTube has also taken initiatives to expand its policies for addressing brand safety. Dating back to 2017, YouTube had well-known incidents of ads with hate speech or other disturbing content appearing on its videos. These unsuitable videos caused many major advertisers to turn off their YouTube advertisements. Since then, YouTube has always tried to implement various ways for effectively protecting its videos from those distasteful ads. MRC accreditation is certainly a reflection of YouTube’s sustained commitment and investment for capacitating brands to advertise in a safer and secure environment. MRC, formed by U.S Congress in 1960 is the council for measuring audiences on the media content. MRC has conducted an extensive audit of YouTube. The audit even included comparing how its internal standards for identifying suitable videos to receive advertising with the industry–body standards. The organization also evaluated the effectiveness of various YouTube tools provided for the selective advertisers to block their ads from playing on certain categories of videos that further adds up to thousands of hours in the trenches. The accreditation was rewarded by MRC to YouTube for meeting various standards like the incident rate was immaterial and less than 1% for the ads appearing on the inappropriate video, etc. With the accreditation from MRC, YouTube hopes to open up a new page with the marketers and thus to provide inspiration for other platforms.

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