YouTube TV Subscription Cost Increases by 114%: Here’s What You Need to Know

YouTube TV
YouTube TV

YouTube TV, the live TV streaming service owned by Alphabet, is raising its subscription fee again. The monthly cost for the basic package will increase to USD 72.99 (approx. ₹6,000), marking a 114% increase from the service’s launch price six years ago.

Content Costs and Quality of Service Upgrades

YouTube TV explained the price increase on Twitter, stating that the cost of content has gone up, and the company is investing in enhancing its quality of service. The live TV streaming service recently purchased the rights to NFL Sunday Ticket from DirecTV for USD 2 billion per year, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Existing subscribers will be subject to the new fee beginning April 18, while new subscribers will see the increased fee effective immediately. The basic package will offer access to over 100 TV channels, an increase of USD 8 from the current price of USD 64.99 per month.

Flexibility to Cancel Anytime

Despite the increase, YouTube TV hopes to remain the streaming service of choice for its subscribers. The company tweeted, “We are committed to offering a premium way for you to stream TV, but understand this new price may not work for you. We do hope YouTube TV continues to be your service of choice, but we want to give you the flexibility to cancel at any time.”

Rising Prices in the Streaming TV Industry

YouTube TV isn’t the only streaming service that has increased its subscription price recently. As cable networks try to compete with cord-cutting, all major streaming TV packages have seen a rise in prices. CNN Business reported that Dish-owned Sling TV, FuboTV, Hulu plus Live TV, and DirecTV Stream have all increased their monthly prices in recent months.

YouTube TV’s price has increased four times since it launched in 2017 at USD 35 per month. The cost is now comparable to traditional cable TV packages. However, streaming services are easier to cancel, don’t require clunky hardware, and have fewer fees compared to traditional cable TV packages.


YouTube TV’s price increase may be a disappointment for its subscribers, but the company’s investment in enhancing the quality of its services is worth considering. If you’re looking for an alternative, there are several streaming services available, and it’s always a good idea to compare their features and costs before making a decision.

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