Zara Zamani transforming global enterprises through disruptive technologies


Data and artificial intelligence are crucial factors for digital transformation. By embracing the power of AI and machine learning, meta bytes are transforming lives through digital transformation and cloud infrastructure. Leveraging data analytics of meta bytes is known for its end-to-end digital solutions with strategy and planning.

Insights about the company

Meta bytes’ is a high-tech company based in southern Sweden that creates digital solutions through software development, disruptive tech, and cloud structure. The employer takes delight in delivering awesome tech with good business effect, designing answers to fit the clients’ needs, offering individual products, offerings, and quit-to-cease solutions. It gives an all-encompassing approach that covers approach, evaluation, and making plans alongside the implementation and ongoing operations and guide. Meta bytes carrier does not stop at implementation as it additionally focuses on building lengthy-lasting partnerships with its clients during their digitalization journey.

Contributing to the rapid growth

Zara works at the top of disruptive technologies at meta bytes. She is a blockchain solution architect and has been working on several blockchain projects considering that 2015. She commenced her education with electric and electronics engineering and pursued a ph.d. In innovation sciences, Focusing on the adoption of blockchain in small and medium corporations.

Experiences that paved her leadership journey

Zara was a purely technical role as a wireline engineer in different countries, from Asia to the middle east to Europe. Zara’s international experience made her very patient towards various cultures and equipped her with communication skills. It helped Zara in her next journey in the fintech and information technology industry. Since she moved to it industry in 2010, she developed from being a specialist to a professional.

Serving customers through innovative solutions

The company focuses on acting in an advisory position for the customers and their tech strategy. Digitalization comes with massive opportunities However, adding new and precise demanding situations for each purchaser. Meta bytes’ purpose is to make this process a bit easier and assist its customers in their transition in the direction of an effective tech method, instead of offering off-the-shelf solutions that are tailor-made to shape their particular requirements.

Leveraging the power of disruptive technologies

According to her, disruptive technology is changing the arena at a fast and dynamic tempo. We are not talking approximately the adoption of technology in a business enterprise however, rather adoption as emerging technology like blockchain is evolving day by day. Therefore, digital transformation is not always a static occasion but a dynamic method today, Zara asserts. Consequently, leaders want to be greater proactive, modern, visionary, forward-questioning, and less exchange-resistant. Groups either run rapidly in this era alongside rising technology or watch their groups die.

The future ahead

Whilst asked about how the would-be she believes that in the modern-day commercial enterprise climate, it is a case of digitalizing or die. She adds we are only simply seeing the beginnings of use cases for disruptive tech and recollect this as a serious cognizance for boom and possibilities. For our enterprise, this means constructing lengthy-term partnerships with our customers to support them every step of the way, building answers to the usage of disruptive tech in the first-class manner viable for their corporations.

A piece for emerging leaders

According to Zara, transformational leaders must be reflective as they must realize who they are, what exactly at where they won’t help, and have excessive self-focus. They should be inspiring, innovative, and visionary. They ought to be collaborative and actual and ready to take calculated risks. she says to face your fears, be assured, study, pay attention, put money into yourself, get a mentor and show them incorrect.

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