Zee Studios and NFT present with NFT Marathi film Pandu


The best news for all Marathi fans!! India’s first Marathi film NFT will only be available to fans and collectors of Marathi movies at Zee’s NFT store, sponsored by NFTically.

NFT world market creator NFTically is launching its first Marathi film based on NFT Collectible. Directed by renowned Marathi filmmaker Viju Mane, Pandu is a major Marathi film throwing token (NFT) and its release at the theater.

The film can be a family joke that attracts jokes about the characters’ weird behavior. The film casts the Maharashtra film actors Bhau Kadam and Kaushal Badrike. Both are Pandu NFTs so the film is predicted to be released on December 3.

ZEE Studios is connected to NFTically, a platform for local B2B SaaS NFT local market service providers that allow users to create their own NFT White Label Marketplace in minutes of technical knowledge.

Zee Entertainment Enterprises is often the world’s leading entertainment giant, with a collaborative staff producing and delivering unique content. Since launching India’s first independent channel in 1992 to benefit 1.3 billion viewers worldwide from small digital platforms, Zee has done it all.

Zee Studios, an organization owned by Enterprise, was founded in 2012 and is well known in India for producing films of various genres, budgets, and dialects. NFTtically is India’s first B2B SaaS platform that enables celebrities, promoters, gamers, clubs, and businesses to create their own NFT white label store or NFT Marketplace without the need for any technology.

The disturbing collection could be a real custom GIF from a film shot on the Polygon MATIC blockchain. The federation is sponsored by EMC-based marketing officer EMC Worldwide.

Dedicated to escalating the goals of NFT, Toshendra Sharma, Founder, and CEO, NFTtically stated, “We, at NFTically, are excited to join with ZEE Studios on the prior release of the genre that is being put out on the platform.

Regional filmmakers and creators who prefer to issue non-disruptive tokens are a testament to their ever-expanding reach. “Our vision for NFTically is to empower artists, artists, and creators to find a targeted audience around the world at the same time and benefit the creators.

This decline will not only be a step towards that, but also an example of a future for exhibition businesses and therefore the NFT venue should be honestly integrated,”said Sharma. Over the past two months, NFTtically has seen a 220% increase in the number of unique registered users/funds.

The company incorporates the idea of becoming a full-fledged NFT Company to help anyone make money with their digital assets. The forum aims to simplify the NFT ecosystem.

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