ZEE5 launches OTT-first ‘Intelligence Monitor’


ZEE5 recently announced the launch of an industry-first knowledge series named ‘ZEE5 Intelligence Monitor’. It will help decode the latest and impending consumption trends, preferences of consumers over new intuitions over various product and service categories in its commitment to add increasing value to its range of advertisers.

ZEE5 has a strong understanding of consumer trends because of its highly engaged users. With its audience spread across the country, the ‘ZEE5 Intelligence Monitor’ is going to track the metamorphic consumer behavior all over the industry, measuring various categories ranging from health, beauty, auto, and wellness to smartphones, cryptocurrency, gaming, and more.

This version is going to bring together well-known industry leaders for expert viewpoints mainly concerned with the “new-normal” accelerated by the very fast adoption of the Internet and technology.

Moreover, it is going to share its deep comprehension of what today drives the consumers! in line with ZEE’s customer-centric behavior to add value to its advertisers.

Announcing the launch of ZEE5 Intelligence Monitor, Rajiv Bakshi, Chief Operations Officer of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited, Rajiv Bakshi, said, “The ZEE5 Intelligence Monitor is going help go deep into the always-evolving consumer behavior and to bring actionable business intuitions for various advertisers across different industries.

“This knowledge series is going to help bring on board the product leaders and brand curators from varied industries to examine and form a deep analysis of the rising and impending trends, outlooks, and perceptions of consumers.

It further discusses how a product category can take maximum advantage of these disorderly transformations.

“The main objective is to offer our advertising partners with a multi-scale compassion to newly rising and traditional categories of products, brought together with intuitions of the minds of consumers to drive effectively targeted engagement, combat obscurity, and uplift smarter business decisions,” Bakshi added.

Vikram Sakhuja, Group CEO, Madison Media & OOH, commenting on this initiative, said, “It is fascinating and exciting to hear about the impending launch of the ZEE5 Intelligence Monitor. We all read class analysis from different forums, but according to me, this is the first time an Entertainment Major is publishing perspectives on emerging and established categories. It’s a magnificent initiative from ZEE5.”

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