Zensafe – Employee Safety Solution by Zenatix


The COVID -19 crisis is putting pressure on employees and employers. Industries have to focus on appropriate preventive measures to achieve a safe and healthy return to work and contribute to suppressing transmission of COVID-19.

     Girnar Software, a renowned IT web and software application services company providing IT Solutions for B2B, B2C & Enterprises with Different Engagement had opened their workplace on May 11. They purchased thermal scanners to guarantee employee safety. However, it was cumbersome for the bunch of security guards to check the temperature of all representatives entering office manually, leading to long queues. The firm’s Head of Administration, Mr Lokesh Sharma, said: “It is not how one would like to start the day”. It led to the realisation that automation must be the route forward. It is significant from safety and hygiene as well as consistency viewpoint too.

     The firm needs to ensure whether the employees have a normal body temperature, whether they should be wearing a mask or not and also to mark the employee attendance using an alternative to the touch-based biometric system. Girnar Software began to test an IoT-based employee safety solution called Zensafe, which enables contactless entry to the workplace premises. To meet all these necessities, Zenatix has combined all these solutions in one access control device called Zensafe. Zenatix is a part of Hero Electronix. It empowers firms to return to business in this COVID world. 

      Zensafe is a COVID ready contactless, employee safety, attendance and access control solution for workplace, which use AI (Artificial Intelligence) based face detection to mark attendance and to access control, where advanced deep learning algorithms stored locally detect faces for authentication. It is highly efficient and fast because the system can do face recognition and mask compliance at a distance of 0.3 metres to 1 meter in less than 500 milliseconds. Zensafe uses non-contact Infrared thermal technology to record body temperature without any human intervention to ensure accurate temperature measurement. The system can be integrated with the firm’s HR management system to get a detailed report available on-demand to track attendance and visitors, recorded temperatures and entry denials along with reasons.

      Zensafe is already installed in offices of Hero Group, NTPC’s Power Management Institute Noida and in the coworking space Smartworks.


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