Zoom launches the new upgraded version


For the last two years, people have been relying more and more on virtual tools for their work-life due to the pandemic situation. Zoom Video Communications, Inc is a San Jose, California-based communications technology business. 

It uses a cloud-based peer-to-peer software platform to provide video calling and online chat services for teleconferencing, telecommuting, distance education, and social relations. It is often abbreviated as Zoom and is a very convenient tool for conducting online conferences and meetings. 

Zoom brings a slew of new upgrades and features as the holiday season approaches. They’ve included several new capabilities to their latest product update to enable the users to put their personal touch to all digital events and take customer service efforts to the next level. 

They’ve also improved the ability to activate automatic updates in the Zoom client, so the users can take advantage of the most up-to-date Zoom capabilities.

Some of the updated features are-

  • They’ve added new tools to make it easier for the users to host a smoother meeting, engage attendees, and get the most out of your recorded video.
  • They’ve added a new feature that allows different people to control the slide show’s progress. Presenters no longer need to ask another attendee to advance the presentation because of improved slide control, which streamlines the presentation experience. This is important because the presenter isn’t constantly in charge of the entire slide show
  • Meeting and webinar hosts now have more polling choices, such as ranked responses, matching, short and lengthy answers, and fill in the blank, allowing them to get more feedback and insights from their attendees. This same functionality may be utilized to create more effective exams, on-boarding sessions, or lunch-and-learn computer programs for students.
  • Users may now customize the size and placement of watermarks to get the most out of the recorded footage while avoiding distracting watermarks. Watermarks are also enabled by default and can be customized via the web portal before the meeting.
  • Streamline the start of Zoom Meetings with Attendance Status, which lets meeting hosts and co-hosts with Google and Outlook calendar interfaces see who has accepted or denied the meeting invitation and whether they have attended.
  • We have more tools that allow hosts to better tailor their virtual event experiences with the release of so many exciting new conference capabilities for Zoom Events.

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